Should I Sit for the SAT or ACT for Practice?

Should I Take the Actual SAT or ACT for Practice? Are the nationally administered tests the best way to get a baseline score? NOPE! Although I could stop there and have this be the shortest article I’ve ever written, let me explain why there are many, many reasons NOT to burn through a national SAT or […]

Coffee and Test-Optional

What do Test-Optional Schools and Coffee Houses Have in Common? Coffee is perhaps the greatest invention of all time—Debate me on that: you’ll lose. In fact, my coffee consumption is a great microcosm for some of the college admission process. Let me explain. There’s a great coffee shop near me, FairCoffee, that is payment-optional. Just […]


RIP SAT and ACT Are Standardized Tests Officially on Life Support? Uh-oh, should I start looking for a new job? Does University of California (UC) removing SAT and ACT tests from student admissions ring the death knell for these standardized tests? Will other institutions follow suit and drop SAT and ACT tests from admission as […]

Should I Take an SAT or ACT?

I Need Help Choosing Between the SAT and ACT! How Do I Choose the Best One? This is taken from an article I wrote for Greenfield Hill Neighbors in February, 2020. If you’re like me—older than 30 and an east coast college alum—there’s a good chance you never took an ACT for college. Maybe you […]

Should I Take an SAT-ACT Hybrid Test?

I Need Help Choosing Between the SAT and ACT! Should I Take One of Those Hybrid Tests Companies Offer? FULL DISCLOSURE: I used to create hybrid tests for schools to assess whether their students were “better” at the SAT or ACT. It was great money—about three hours of testing, five hours of answer input, and an […]